Zuma Nkandla Style

Zuma rocks the Nation Nkandla Style

 Zuma an embarrassment to all South Africans?

An ombudsman found that Zuma undeservedly benefited from the renovations at his private Nkandla home. President Jacob Zuma said he never asked for the multi-million-rand makeover of his home, that was paid from state funds. As far as it is known, Zuma never tried to stop the upgrade either.

The ombudsman declared the R246-million spent on the renovations at Zuma’s rural homestead unwarranted and ordered Zuma to pay back some of the costs to the state. When Zuma reacted in public for the first time since the incriminatory report was released nearly 2 weeks ago, he refused to pay anything as he never requested the renovations. On private television ANN7 he said: “They did this without telling me, so why should I pay for something I did not ask for?”

This was said at a campaign for the May 7 national election, when he’ll try to be re-elected.

What did ‘they’ do at his home without telling the president? Amongst other refurbishments, it included a helipad, a swimming pool and even a chicken coop.

This all took place in the lush hills of KwaZulu-Natal, where poverty reigns and 10 million people live on welfare.

ANC will have to address the Zuma issue

The ANC leaders will discuss the spending spree at Nkandla to prevent another “embarrassment” like that, to the party. At the national executive committee meeting, they were expected to find ways to ensure that those responsible for this splurge of state funds, will be held accountable.

ANC national spokesman Jackson Mthembu reported that there is no way the committee will avoid discussing the public protector’s report and findings on Nkandla. Two members of the committee stressed the need to unravel intricate issues in this extravagance and what seems like a don’t care attitude of those involved in the “embarrassment” to the ANC. The main goal being prevention of any recurrence.

Criticism comes from many former ANC-ministers. It is shocking that no minister discussed the matter with Zuma to point out the potential damage to his and the government’s reputation. This according to Palo Jordan.

Minister of Justice, Jeff Radebe said government has already taken action, and an advanced enquiry by the Special Investigating Unit may lead to referral to the prosecution authorities.




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