Quality venison production

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WS² positioned for quality venison production

Wildlife Stud Services (Pty) Ltd, also known as WS², is an independent wildlife registering authority that delivers up-to-the-minute genetic advisory services.

Genetic experts address challenges in wildlife breeding industry

WS² utilizes the revolutionary ILR2 (International Livestock Registry) software by ABRI, the Agricultural Business Research Institution.

The software takes into account the specific needs and challenges experienced by the South African Wildlife Industry. The registering, recording and genetic evaluation system has an enormous international user base involving 45 countries. Jointly the global databases depict more than 40 million farm and game animals!

Highly-trained genetic experts and front-running SA wildlife breeders also assisted in developing and adapting the highly-effective WS²-system to address the local state of affairs pertaining to the wildlife industry.

The quest for lucrative outlets for venison products

The SA game industry was severely affected when the European Union announced an immediate ban on beef and game meat exports in February 2011 due to SA losing its free from foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) status.

In February 2014 the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) lifted the export ban and declared South Africa FMD-free. Since then meat export to certain EU countries was allowed to resume on a limited scale until the organisation is satisfied SA has the necessary bio-safety protocols in place to prevent new cases of foot-and-mouth developing.

According to Agriculture Minister, Senzeni Zokwana, the ban had cost SA an estimated R4bn. The challenge now is to negotiate SA’s re-entry into the profitable EU market and to find lucrative outlets. In an article by Gerhard Uys in Farmer’s Weekly, Charl de Villiers, head of game marketing at Mosstrich, remarked: “We’ll try to export to our previous clients, but in Europe, wholesalers plan ahead and if something has not been on a European menu for a long period, people forget.”

Genetics to play a significant role in venison production

Dr Paul Lubout, head genetic advisor and managing director of Wildlife Stud Services, reckons WS² is perfectly positioned to assist game breeders in bringing a more competitive product to the local and international markets. Genetic selection will boost game meat production and assure a sustainable and high-quality product.

Wildlife Breeders’ Journal 2016

WS² has just announced that they have started planning their Wildlife Breeders’ Journal for 2016. Members are welcome to book advertising space in this authoritative publication. Please contact WS² at admin@ws2.co.za for more information.


Uys, G. (2015). Farmer’s Weekly | Game exports after FMD. [online] Farmersweekly.co.za.