The worst Valentines experiences

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Love is not always sweet

Some of the worst Valentines experiences!

Valentines day is supposed to be very romantic with chocolates, red roses and diamonds. Well, what is supposed to be and what is, could be far removed. As is the case in these awful Valentines experiences:

A French surprise

He informs her on the thirteenth of his selfish boss instructing him to stand in for the boss, by manning the power station on the night of Valentines day. There is no reason to keep the secret any longer and he tells her all about the booking he had at the very expensive French restaurant. He blurts out all the details of the romantic evening he had planned. There is no point in begging the boss, as he was warned that there are many people out there who will only be too grateful to take his job and even at a lower salary.

Hugely disappointed, she realizes how much he cares for her if he was prepared to do all that he had planned. A few friends had no plans for the evening and suggested they go to the very French restaurant anyway to treat themselves. She agrees, but decides not to rub salt in his wounds by telling him.

At the restaurant, she joins her buddies who are seated at one of two tables on the gallery. The other table has no guests yet. Fifteen minutes later the other guests arrive. She has her back to them, but a voice sounds familiar. Later she turns to see a couple, intimately sipping Champagne from each others glasses. On a double take she sees him. The one who is supposed to man the power station.

Hidden lips

He decides to leave her sticky notes with DIY red kisses on a trail guiding her to her gift. When she goes back to the bedroom to show her gratitude, she finds him hiding behind the sheet. Eventually he revealed his red lips and neither could remove the lipstick stains. Surely he took the day off!

A hug

He proposed to her on Valentines Day. The ring was hidden in the dessert. She swallowed it and started choking. A bystander had to perform the Heimlich on her in the  middle of a crowded restaurant. The hug of life or love?