Winter has arrived!

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Winter is Here and It’s Time to Slow Down

Winter only truly arrives when the first (proper) cold front hits the country, sending temperatures plummeting and people scurrying to the shops for extra sweaters. The time before that – usually until the last week of May – is mostly used as an excuse to get out all your winter clothes and bedding and trying to get used to getting up and getting home when it’s already dark. But there is a beauty in the firsts of the season — the first cold front, the first frost (the first snow if you live in a part of the country where it snows).

The beauty of winter is not in the cold — which is all we seem to focus on — but in the everyday things around us. The stark patterns of bare tree branches against the blue sky of the Highveld. The pristine shades of the evergreens that brighten gardens and peek through palisade fences. People taking more time to sit down and just have a cup of tea and get warm. Winter is a way to remind us that we’re allowed to live slower, simpler lives.

I remember as a child how much fun I thought slipping over frost covered dried grass was early in the morning. Barefoot, I should add. And I wonder why I developed almost an aversion to frost. Just like you’d play around in the rain when you’re young and then suddenly act as if you’re going to melt as soon as two drops hit you.

Getting back to enjoying the child-like wonder of the season is, perhaps, the best way to enjoy winter. Like reading a book under a pile of blankets or really enjoying the warmth of a cup of tea or hot chocolate and knowing that, with each day of icy winds and crisp skies, the days are getting longer.  Spring is coming.

Author: Carin Marais

Carin Marais writes web articles, guest and blog posts, and fiction. With interests ranging from pop culture and technology to literature, mythology and archaeology, her writing covers diverse subjects. To contact Carin for articles and guest posts, or to read her work, go to her home page, her blog Hersenskim or follow her on Twitter @CarinMarais.