Who needs Portable Possessions Insurance?

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Do I need Portable Possessions Insurance?

Should you add portable possessions cover away from home to your house insurance policy? Home insurance contents cover will give you protection for your personal portable possessions at your residence, but will your belongings be covered away from your home?

Besides customary movable goods such as jewellery, keys, clothing and cash, we also have increasing numbers of expensive and very important portable belongings such as mobile phones, cameras, tablets and laptops. You have to be sure your Insurance cover extends to loss or accidental damage when you take these things out and about with you.

Some home insurance policies include this cover as standard, but scrutinize the terms and conditions to see whether such cover exists and meets your needs. If not, cover away from home can be bought as an add-on to the policy.

What is not covered by Portable Possessions Insurance?

General exclusions from portable possessions insurance are:

• Wear and tear of your goods

• Possessions left unattended and then lost

• Property left in an unlocked car or in plain view of thieves in a locked vehicle

• Pets or other animals

• Tools

• Any business-related possessions

• Camping equipment

Bicycles may need to be listed separately.

Other options and considerations

On standard Home Insurance, laptops and bikes can be covered away from home, but other specific items might need to be valued over a specified amount.

Check whether it is cover for individual and specified items or a lump sum total value of all possessions.

Be aware of single-item limits and other limits placed on claims, especially on cash and cards.

You may need to stipulate specific values for things such as jewellery.

Check if protection is offered for goods that are taken abroad.

Check whether a claim would affect your no-claims bonus.

You may already have cover through your bank account, your credit and debit cards, travel insurance, or another policy. Verify all possibilities.

Portable Possessions cover away from home can be a very valuable product to have!


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