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Virseker Insurance for Afrikaans-speaking South Africans!  

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Ons praat jou Taal!

Virseker speaks your language. Virseker praat jou taal!  

Virseker offers ample, affordable insurance for all your car insurance, home insurance and business insurance needs in Afrikaans. At Virseker, we understand that you love your culture and language with a passion. That is why we provide all our services in Afrikaans, especially for you. 

We also offer you the “Gatsakbonus” that you can qualify for after remaining claim-free for four consecutive years. You either get your first year’s premiums back, or 25% of your premiums over these four years, whichever is the lesser.


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Car Insurance  

At Virseker, you get affordable vehicle  insurance for yor car, bakkie, watercraft, motorcycle, caravan and trailer. 

Virseker provides you with the following three car insurance policy options to choose from: 

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Includes cover against theft, accidental damage cover, fire, hail damage and malicious damage. 

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Includes cover against fire, theft and excludes damage caused by you.

Third Party Only

Third Party cover against accidental damage to someone else’s person or property.

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Home Insurance 

Virseker offers insurance for your household contents, buildings and portable possessions.

Household contents insurance covers everything in yoor house, except the structure of your home.


Household Contents

Your Virseker premium is based on the replacement value of your household contents in case of theft or damage caused by an act of nature. Payment of your claim is based on a percentage of the amount you are insured for, as well as the value of your household contents. Please ensure that you are sufficiently covered and not under-insured.


Buildings Insurance

Virseker Buildings Insurance covers the structure of your home and you can also add home contents insurance, as well as car insurance for a comprehensive insurance package that will cover you against just about any eventuality.


Portable Possessions

Portable Possessions are all the things you carry around with you, like your laptop, prescription glasses, jewellery, camera and cellphone. Virseker covers you against theft, loss and damage of your portable possessions. Please remember to specify items with a value of more than R3 500.

Your borehole and swimming pool equipment are also covered under your portable possessions household insurance cover.

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