How to Take Responsible Risks to Success

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How to Take Responsible Risks to Follow Your Dream

Anyone who’s ever had a dream or a vision for their life knows how difficult it is to obtain that dream. Dreaming in itself involves risk, but knowing how to approach that risk makes it possible to view your road with an open mind. You have to decide which risks are worth taking to reach your goal.

Dream big – with a realistic timeline

There’s nothing wrong with having a big dream – if it’s your dream, it’s a big dream. But one of the risks of dreams is that they won’t happen overnight. You have to risk your time and energy on something which may only pay off in a few years. Don’t give up too soon. Just as you need to give yourself time to succeed, you need to give yourself time to fail. Make your time count.

You don’t live in a vacuum

Simply having a dream is not selfish, but how you approach it may be. Risking all your money or stability is not a smart move, especially when you have people who depend on you. Dependants may be a lot more forthcoming with support for your dream if they know they can still count on you to fulfill your responsibilities.

The risk of “haters”

There’s a huge difference between constructive criticism, criticism, and haters. Taking risks and putting yourself out there for the world to see will attract attention. There will, unfortunately, be people who try to break you down. Listen to constructive criticism and not those who are simply trying to break you down.

Is the risk worth it?

You need to ask yourself if your dream is worth the time, energy, and risk. Picture yourself ten or twenty years from now and honestly ask yourself if you will regret it if you didn’t take the risk to follow your dream.

Being responsible in the risks you take to follow your dream does not mean that you are any less passionate about it than someone who drops everything in their life to follow theirs. Reading books like Quitter and Start by Jon Acuff will also help you approach your dreams responsibly.


Author: Carin Marais

Carin Marais is a trained language practitioner living in South Africa. Her interests range from language, archaeology, and mythology, to speculative fiction, media, and technology. Her published articles include Top 5 Vintage James Bond Cars, 5 Tips for Surviving Change in a New Job, and 5 easy time hacks to get more time out of your day. Her work has appeared in Speculative Grammarian and her published fiction includes “A Fair Trade” and “The Call From Below”. Links to articles, fiction, posts, and her contact information can be found at, or follow her on @CarinMarais.