Take Action South Africa!

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South Africans March for A Better Future

In an historic event on September 30 2015, South Africans took to the streets as of old to demonstrate against corruption. Many people believe that the time has come to take action in order to turn our country around. Desmond Tutu remarked that the current ANC leaders were no better than the Apartheid Government. He went on to say that when you allocate resources on the basis of loyalty to the ruling power, you are in essence no different from those who allocated resources based on skin color. This event is the start of a movement of South Africans that are sick and tired of being bullied by an uncaring system that steals money from the public and puts it in the pockets of a few.

Marchers demanded that President Zuma returns the money he spent on Nkandla, and that government starts to take action towards fulfilling its duties towards all citizens. All around the country, this organized march targeted the unfair treatment handed out to those who do not blindly support the ANC government. South Africans are tired of living with poverty when our country is rich in resources and has a wealth of wonderful people living here who want to be successful. It is time for the government to do what it is elected to do, and to fulfill its constitutional duties.

It is no longer acceptable that the high murder rate goes unchallenged by authorities. The crime that comes from poverty, lack of education and generations of people being left behind is the first one that needs to be addressed. People want to know that their lives matter, that they are going to be able to participate in the economy and that their rights will be protected. It is time for us all to take action to bring about these changes that we all hanker for. Like someone said, “this march may have been a small wave, but it can become a big tsunami.”