Travel is a way of Education

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Discover your country and your continent!

To travel is to learn and to grow

Travelling has been described as one of the very best ways to gain a useful education, to learn, to live and to grow as a person. The planet offers so many opportunities: there are natural wonders to behold, historic sites to visit, precious art to appreciate and people to meet. There are new and interesting things to eat, flavours to savour, smells to explore and civilizations to admire. To be able to travel is to be given the chance to explore a very rich treasure chest of wonders, amazements and surprizes.

Many people forget that it is not always necessary to travel halfway across the world to discover new cultures, sights and experiences. Most people will be pleasantly surprized to learn just how much their own regions have to offer. South Africans are blessed with a country that is truly a world in one. Incomparable natural beauty, a magnificent variety of wildlife and indigenous flora, a multitude of fascinating cultures and a bewildering array of exciting activities and events all vie for the attention of those that want to explore their own country.

Travelling can be hazardous and tiring if not planned properly. It is always a good idea to make all basic arrangements, such as for accommodation, in advance. It saves time to conduct some research before travelling to an area. It is seldom possible to participate in every event and to experience every magic moment that any particular destination has on offer. It is definitely best to decide in advance what to do and see. In this way time can be saved and disappointment avoided. The internet is a rich source of information for travellers to any part of the country or other parts of the world.

It is certainly a privilege to be able to travel to different destinations. It is sad when one considers the fact that so many people in our beautiful country are not able to see the rest of it, not to even mention other parts of the world.

Whether you travel abroad or in your own region always be sure to be well insured.

How to identify a no-no budget travel partner

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How to choose a travel partner

It has been said that you really get to know a person when you spend a holiday with them, but even more so when you take the plunge and travel together. A tight budget means sharing lodgings, basic foods and lots of walking, in close proximity of your travel buddy.

Choosing the wrong travel partner may well turn an exciting adventure into a tortuous nightmare, so be warned. Here are 3 guidelines to avoid the not-so-cool travel companion:

Sounds in the Night

If you are a light sleeper or one of the sensitive types when it comes to loud, unsophisticated sounds, best find out if your potential travel-mate snores. You are going to be exhausted after a long day exploring exotic surroundings on foot or squashed on a bus or train, and a good night’s sleep will be a sincere desire.

When traveling with this noisy breather, looking forward to a good night’s rest will but become a fantasy, and after a few insomniac induced nights, you will be ready to send your travel companion on a make believe errand with the secret intention of jumping onto the next bus to who-knows-where-but-NOT-with-the-snorer!

Table Manners

To make sure that the last few days of your travel itinerary won’t be spent fasting, check out your prospective travel companion’s eating habits. Is it extravagant? Remember, a fine palet does not necessary make a budget travel dream companion. Sooner or later your to-be-travel-mate is going to run out of money and those hungry eyes are going to look at you, and well, if you’re a softy…

Decide beforehand on the types of food that will fit the bill to keep both of you happy and healthy. Draw up a rough menu and food budget and make sure your buddy understands that fine dining needs to be put on the back burner for a while.

Whining Downhill

The destination you’ve chosen will determine the type of transport that will be available. If your travel plan includes a lot of walking, make sure you don’t select someone who whines continuously and/or gives up after a few ponderous steps. A potential participant in The Biggest Loser will also not be a good choice. If it whines, that is. Some big people can walk a mile in your shoes if you let them.

So choose well, and travel well.

Bon Voyage!