5 Easy time hacks to get more time out of your day

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Easy time hacks to get more time out of your day EVERY day

Everyone wishes that there was more time in a day. But there are some easy ways you can free up some extra time to do what you really want to do. It will definitely feel as if you have some extra hours in your day!

Know your goals

Take a few minutes to decide what it is you really want to spend your extra time on. Knowing what it is you want to achieve – whether it is writing your memoir or watching a rugby game – will give you the incentive to give up other things which may simply be wasting your time.

Stop Bored Browsing

Do you know how much time you actually spend on the internet in a day? Getting sucked into browsing for far longer than you mean to is all too easy when the next entertaining titbit is only a click away. Limiting your time on the internet (including social media) can free up a large chunk of your time.

Log off, stop multitasking

It’s a lot easier to stay clear of the trap of Bored Browsing if you’re logged off. Switch your phone to silent, switch off the internet and focus on the task you are working on. Trying to multitask will waste more time than you save in the end.

Make a list

Keep a list of the tasks you need to complete. This can be done in a to-do list app or on good old paper. Ticking the tasks off will show you not only how much time you use to complete each task, but also save you the time of trying to remember what it was you were supposed to do next.

Go with the flow

In the end, you can only do so much in a day. Be reasonable when compiling your list, and don’t expect that if you work full-time you’ll suddenly have 8 extra hours a day to work on a project or binge-watch your favourite TV show. And some days you just have to accept that time has run out and that you need to make a fresh start in the morning.

Author: Carin Marais

Carin Marais is a trained language practitioner living in South Africa. Her interests range from language, archaeology, and mythology, to speculative fiction, media, and technology. Her published articles include “Top 5 Vintage James Bond Cars” and “5 Tips for Surviving Change in a New Job”. Her work has appeared in Speculative Grammarianand her published fiction includes “A Fair Trade” and “The Call From Below”. Links to articles, fiction, posts, and her contact information can be found at www.carinmarais.blogspot.com, or follow her on @CarinMarais.