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Use Me-Time to Achieve Success

When last have you indulged in some serious me-time? To most of us down time simply means escaping to the bathroom and locking the door behind us for all but ninety seconds of sheer solitude – that’s if a toddler or two doesn’t try to break off the door to see what mummy’s up to in there.

Do you sometimes feel like you can just take off and run to the nearest hills, screaming like a banshee at the top of your lungs? Whoa, hold your horses! Channel all that pent-up emotion constructively and you may just earn a few bucks having a go at being creative. Instead of salivating in vain at the prospect of catching a tan on a remote beach in the Bahamas, rather focus your energy on an activity that may just afford you an additional income stream.

Are you sick and tired of giving all the time? Does it feel like everyone is claiming their stake and you’re the only sucker paying the price big time? Have you been in constant output mode for far too long? Are you craving much-needed creative input? It’s time to take a long, hard look at your life and make some changes. Use your precious me-time to achieve success and earn a second income.

Re-discover you passion. What activity used to bring you happiness and a sense of achievement? Do you love baking? Why don’t you enrol in a cake decorating course? There are lots of free online cake decorating courses to choose from. You can sell your creations and make money. You can have fun being creative ánd make money at the same time. Just think outside the box and go for it. Success can be yours!

Identify your skills and make money teaching it to others. For instance, do you know how to crochet? Teach others for a fee. Is your toddler a finicky eater? Write an e-book and share your experience with other parents, giving them tips on how to cope with the challenges of feeding such a child. Tap into your own experiences, skills and capabilities and use it to your advantage. You can achieve success doing what you love most – enjoying much-deserved me-time.



Author: Louise Viljoen

Louise Viljoen is a competent and accomplished writer who contributes to various websites, blogs, and print media. She’s available as freelance writer and can be contacted at