It’s not too late to make New Year’s resolutions

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New Year’s resolutions can still be made

Deciding on a new resolution to follow in your life should not simply be based on a specific date and you don’t need to have all your resolutions and goals finalised on 1 January. New resolutions can follow any change in your life, or be started to create change in your life. And, since you don’t know what will happen to you during the year, you might just find yourself starting on a batch of new resolutions in April, June, November or even December.

Resolutions are returnable

Sometimes swapping one resolution for another may be just the thing to get you going in the right direction. While resolutions may be difficult to keep to – for instance, when you change your diet – they are often easier to keep if you give yourself a bit of slack. Rather than make a resolution to lose 15 kg, make a resolution to lose 2 kg a month. Or perhaps you made the resolution to do an extra course and you were not accepted. Use the time you have to do a course online while you wait to apply again next year. Perhaps you’ll even find some hidden talents or a course better suited to your needs!

Ignore the naysayers

If you thought your life was heading from A to B and you suddenly find yourself sitting unhappily at J, making a resolution to change your life is the best thing you can do. While turning your life around or even making large changes is difficult, don’t let it be made more difficult by lending your ears to those mocking you for trying to change. You also don’t have to tell everyone what your resolutions are. Confide in those closest to you and those who support you. While you should listen to advice, you shouldn’t listen to those who simply want to break you down and want to see you fail. And if you want to start on a blank page today, do so. Just because the calendar doesn’t say “1 January”, doesn’t mean you can’t start out on a new adventure right now.

Author: Carin Marais

Carin Marais writes web articles, guest and blog posts, and fiction. With interests ranging from pop culture and technology to literature, mythology and archaeology, her writing covers diverse subjects. To contact Carin for articles and guest posts, or to read her work, go to her home page, her blog Hersenskim or follow her on @CarinMarais.