Life Insurance as an Investment

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Taking out a life insurance policy might be the best investment you ever made, right? It will take good care of your family financially, should you untimely be taken from them. They will be able to live a good life and you will at least have that peace of mind. You did your duty as head of your family, or did you?


There are more types of life insurance than just financially, like investing in the emotional wellbeing of your family. To a little child, your love as a parent is measured in time and attention. Some would argue that this is just as important an investment in their future, as any financial inheritance. They grow up as functional and well adapted individuals, who will one day be able to take care of themselves. It is also true with marriage, because love is lost when time is lost.


What type of parent or spouse do YOU think you are? Many times the family might have quite a different, and sometimes shocking, answer. Life is undoubtedly hard these days, time is money and nobody can afford to lose the rat race. We have to work hard to provide for our loved ones and secure our children’s future. We sometimes find ourselves amongst the living dead, in the midst of a faceless crowd, desperately trying to survive. Unfortunately, you don’t only lose yourself after a while, but you might lose your family too by being too absent.


How would you like your loved ones to remember you one day? Would you really be missed, or would you be remembered as hardworking, but always tired, grumpy and absent? If your family would be asked, they surely would want you to live your life to the full! They want to see you happy, just as you want the same for them. Your life insurance policy will take care of them financially after you are gone. BE there for them while you are still alive. After all, the only thing they really want is YOU!

Author: Maritha Koortzen

The author currently writes to newspapers mainly on Health and Social Issues. She also talks at Ladies Events about Health and Wellness.

Feel free to contact her for any free lance writing.