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How to … do anything

If you enter “How to” into the Google bar, there are hundreds of suggested how to’s: from how to fix something to how to lose a guy in ten days. We have become so assured that we will always find the answer in a Google search bar, but reality is Google can’t answer all your questions. One of the questions we all have pondered at one time or another is:  How do you actually get him or her notice you?

No clue? Well the answer is pretty straight forward – you  have to take the first step. Well that is my first suggestion. The step forward allows you to  put your actions into motion and you would not have been thinking of that moment if you have not already strategically planned the next step. The moment you take the first step is absolutely nerve wrecking, I know it and millions of others chasing love will also tell you that.

Getting noticed is something you have to plan strategically. You wouldn’t want to come across as egotistical or completely out of your comfort zone. The best way is to create a frame of mind where you feel safe and by that I mean you become “your confident self”. A sure-fire way of getting someone to notice you is to strike up a conversation. You’d be surprised to learn how many doors a simple “Hallo” or “Hi” opens.  Those simple words lay the foundations for the creation of a conversation that is mutually interesting. Don’t ask what planet you from or use weird pickup lines – every second person does that and your aim here is to stand out.  Introducing yourself is vital in ensuring that you stand out. Try to avoid questions that evoke only “yes” or “no” responses as they tend to be conversation killers.

Getting someone to notice you can be as hard as you want it to be. Never give up! The person you are looking at might just be the one… Don’t let the opportunity pass you because you think otherwise. Take risks – they might just pay off and if it doesn’t it is not a deal breaker, because it teaches you a lesson to just stand up and try again.




Author: William Carter

Bio: I have always been inspired by words. It tells a story of hope, dignity and shares our deepest fears and success – the signature of what who we are. General observations of life is what I share and passion and success is who I am!!


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