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Gauteng Heat

“Damn it is HOT!” How many times have you heard that this week? Driving through intersections in Johannesburg, I can’t help but notice people melting behind their cardboard signs. Although my heart bleeds for them, I found myself unable to wind down my window, to give that obligatory R2 contribution, for fear of melting myself. With this raging heat I see the water level of my pool rapidly subsiding and find myself wondering when this electricity shortage might be replaced by a sudden water shortage. Luckily a shortage of wine is not of concern.

I am really over this heat, my personal grooming bill has shot through the roof! I have this perpetual fear that my armpits are on constant overdrive. If you didn’t know what menopause felt like, then I guess this is it hey… Well luckily the person sitting next to me has to deal with the death permeating from my armpits and not me.

The heat is also on in other areas of this wonderful country of ours. Not only are tempers flaring over the State of the Nation Address but also about the growing national deficit. The poor man on the street might melt even more when the parliament members have cooled down and actually start focusing on running the country and collecting that deficit from the tax payer.

Warm as fire, we are all spending more on drinks than on food to cool down. There must be some sort of upside to this heat… I guess you can call my enormous refreshments-bill contributing to economic growth, even if it is just my local pub growing its wallet.

The dry winter season is upon us and we know that the winter will bring some form of cooling down. But for now enjoy the swimming pool while it is full or at least while you are able to cool down in it.



Author: William Carter

Bio: I have always been inspired by words. It tells a story of hope, dignity and shares our deepest fears and success – the signature of what who we are. General observations of life is what I share and passion and success is who I am!!



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