Go on a Funky Road Trip!

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Funky Road Trip

Make time fly whilst on a funky road trip!

The open road, a breeze through your hair, blue summer skies, and a body in every seatbelt. A road trip can either be loads of fun or absolute disaster! Depending on how you spend your time, makes time fly or be very long and tedious. Here are some funky road trip ideas for adult or children’s games, to kill time and boredom:

Hot Seat. Each passenger gets a turn in the “hot seat” being interviewed by the other passengers. They choose five questions to ask the person in the hot seat. The hot seater can refuse to answer one question only, the rest must be answered.

License Plate Decoder. Decode a possible personalized message on every license plate . “HDR 732″ might stand for “Hairdresser Diva Roller-derby, 7 hours a day, 32 days long.”

Odd Colored Car. Each passenger chooses an odd colored car eg. yellow, purple, orange, or pink. You get a point for spotting cars of your color. Steal points from each other when spotting another passenger’s color first!

Casserole Game. The first person starts with: “I’m making a casserole and I need artichokes.” The next passenger must recite the previous ingredients and add one, starting with the next letter in the alphabet. Try to get to Z.

Listen and Draw. Each passenger gets paper and a pen. (Except for the driver, of course!) The first player draws a quick picture and then describes the picture to the other passengers, giving detailed instructions. The passenger whose picture most closely resemble the original, then takes the lead role.

Would You Rather? One person offers various options to other passengers of either wonderful, horrible, painful or embarrassing situations. Find out who would rather jump in a flaming volcano than sit in a cage of snakes. Or who would rather appear barefoot to George Clooney than with hair curlers in her hair to Leonardo DiCaprio

A little imagination goes a long way to make a long way seem short! Create your own or adapt these funky road trip ideas to suit the passengers.

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