What Easter is all about

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The Reason for Easter celebration

There are many contradictory beliefs regarding Easter and the celebration of it. Some say Easter is actually the European tradition of celebrating the coming of spring. From there the decoration of homes with flowers and cute little bunnies and painted chicken eggs. I must admit, that makes a whole lot more sense than bunnies and chocolate eggs to celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross and His victory over death by being resurrected.

Others are saying that Easter actually originated in ancient Babylonia 2,000 years before Christ. They were honoring the resurrection of their god, Tammuz, who was brought back from the underworld by his mother or wife, Ishtar. The festival was named her, as Ishtar was actually pronounced “Easter” in ancient Semitic dialects.  A pagan festival then. That means nothing to me as a Christian, because my Bible does not refer to it and we know that Jesus was the only God to be resurrected from death and is therefor the only true living God.

The truth is that we are celebrating Easter although I have never read the word Easter or any translation of or referral to it in the Bible. But whatever we call it, how wrong can it be for a Christ follower to remember His awful death on a cross to pay the price for my sins, when He was sinless. Why was that necessary? So that I could be put right with God the Father and have ongoing forgiveness.

Also in gratitude we celebrate victory over death and evil brought about by the resurrection of Jesus. There is an empty tomb to prove it. And because the tomb is empty, we have a promise from Him that after this life, we’ll have everlasting life in His courts. Yes, everlasting life as in for ever and ever and ever more. Perhaps the chocolate eggs we eat, represents this new life after this old body has passed away. I don’t know for sure.

Whatever, I wish you a blessed celebration of forgiveness and everlasting life!

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