Save more or earn more

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Earn more – Teach others to work for you!

Save more or earn more – what to do?

Since a very young age, our parents drill into our heads that we should save part of our pocket money and not spend it all. Wise instruction, but seldom do you hear a parent guide his child into being a good entrepreneur, earning more rather than saving a bit of what you have!

Save more or earn more – Two principles, who will win?

Earn more so that you can save more!

Most parents can only afford a specific amount of pocket money for their children. I have seen through the years how the children with very little have been creative in multiplying their pocket money as opposed to the children who were given everything they needed (or wanted).

A child who never has enough for that dream, but with a parent who will encourage, equip and motivate will turn the dream into a vision and then a mission. Odd jobs like mowing the lawn for the neighbour, helping to carry groceries from the store, washing a car, washing windows during school breaks and thinking creatively about ways and means to earn hard cash will eventually enable this child to mature into a wise adult who will always have the desire to earn more by creating opportunities for himself.

It is of course, a good idea to save as well, but with the little interest earned it does seem like a bit of a pointless effort. You will certainly not get rich by saving your money. You need to invest smartly and look for ways to earn more.

Run if you want to catch it

The opportunities are out there, but you have to go and get it! You have to market yourself and find ways of earning more. Educate yourself to be creative. Make people want what you have to offer.

I have seen young people work at three or four different ‘jobs’ and earn a cosy amount by doing so. They have jobs they go to each day, but they are not afraid to tackle extra opportunities to earn more. A few extra hours a week makes a world of difference in your earnings.

A good example is about a housewife who started selling cosmetics in multilevel marketing. She recruited twenty people to sell and became a manager, motivating each of the twenty people to recruit only five people each, which brought her down-line to 100 people selling the product. She was earning a percentage of everything they sold and all she did was train new people and have a weekly meeting with her consultants. She is now 220 people strong and keeps moving up, grabbing hold of every opportunity to earn more. Greedy? No, just wise.

If she can do it, so can you!

Another way to be a wise winner, is getting decent Insurance cover!