Santam Insurance

South Africa’s leading short-term insurance company  


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South Africa’s leading short-term insurance company

Santam offers value-added insurance and as everybody knows, the Yellow Umbrella is a household name. We have insured South Africans since 1918 and still provide excellent cover at prices anyone can afford. 

Car Insurance  

Santam Comprehensive Cover offers excellent cover for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles, trailers, 4×4, trucks and caravans. Choose between the following affordable cover options: 

Comprehensive Cover 

Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover 

Third Party Only Cover 


Additional Benefits: 

These additional benefits will enhance your original vehicle insurance policy and add to your peace of mind: 

·         Trauma Treatment

·         Medical expenses (you or your family)

·         Recovery Cost

·         Emergency Accommodation

·         Emergency Costs (Toiletries/Medicine)

 Our motor-alone policies are affordable and offer you the opportunity to add cover according to your individual needs. 

Home Insurance   

Santam provides more than adequate cover for your house contents and buildings at a price you can easily afford. 

Home Contents Insurance 

Your Santam House Contents policy provides cover against accidents, burglary or loss. 

Your home generally includes the following content: 

·         Furniture, Carpets, Household linen, Blankets & Towels

·         Electrical: TV’s and DVD Recorders

·         Clothing and Shoes

·         Sporting Equipment and Toys

·         Tools

·         Gardening Equipment 

Santam offers optional additional cover regarding accidental damage to valuable items. 

Speak to one of our consultants today and insure your home adequately at lower premiums than you expect. 


Santam Benefits: 

·         Medical expenses of domestic employees

·         Personal effects of your domestic employees

·         Medical expenses of guests

·         Personal effects of your guests

·         The contents of your fridge and freezer

·         Contents of storage after damage

·         Security guards

·         Trauma Treatment


Buildings Insurance 

Santam Building Insurance provides first-rate cover for domestic and residential buildings. These buildings include:

·         Garages

·         Carports

·         Swimming Pools


Santam Benefits: 

Medical expenses of domestic employees and guests

·         Damage to garden

·         Security Guards

·         Emergency Accommodation 


Personal All Risk Cover 

Santam Personal All Risk Insurance covers your personal possessions and these items include the following: 

·         Cellphones

·         Audiovisual equipment

·         Laptops

·         Jewellery

·         Special Collection Insurance 


Contact  Santam Insurance for a free quote, affordable premiums and peace of mind!