Portable Possessions

Portable Possessions Insurance for every day

There are things you take out of the house and with you regularly, like your handbag, glasses and cellphone. Have a look at the innovative and inexpensive insurance packages the different insurance companies have to offer you.

What exactly does Portable Possessions Insurance cover?

Portable Possessions: Jewellery
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Cover your jewellery against theft, loss and damage

You want to wear your diamonds and gold and not have it stuck in a dark, musty old safe. By all means, show off your jewellery, but be sure to get cover first. You can specify more valuable items and your jewellery will be covered against theft, loss and damage.

Portable Possessions: Laptop
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Laptop Cover for your favourite companion

If you take your laptop to school, class, work or the local restaurant, cover your laptop against theft, loss and damage with Portable possessions cover. On the other hand, if your laptop never leaves the house, you can cover it under your Home Contents policy.

Portable Possessions: Camera
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Keep on snapping great shots with Camera Insurance

Keep on collecting memories with your camera and get peace of mind when you are covered for theft, loss and damage. Provide the make, year, age and model of your camera and specify your state-of-the-art for a higher replacement value.

Portable Possessions: Handbag
<img src="girl with blue handbag.jpg" alt="girl with blue handbag" width="150" height="148">

Get Handbag Cover against theft, loss and damage.

Losing your handbag is the pits. Get Handbag cover and you’ll be able to replace your handbag and its contents in no time. Remember to specify designer handbags with a value higher than R4 000.

Portable Possessions: Briefcase
<img src="briefcase.jpg" alt="briefcase" width="138" height="92">

Briefcase Insurance covers you against theft, loss and damage

If your briefcase is stolen, damaged or lost, you can have it replaced in a jiffy.

Portable Possessions: Clothing
<img src="six dresses.jpg" alt="six dresses" width="92" height="138">

Clothing insurance covers you against theft, loss and damage

You can cover your clothing for a standard amount against theft, damage and loss, but please specify more valuable items like leather jackets, designer coats and expensive suits for their current replacement value.

Portable Possessions: Glasses
<img src="glasses on book.jpg" alt="glasss on book" width="130" height="97">

Don’t miss anything with glasses cover

See the whole picture with glasses insurance that covers your glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses against theft, damage and loss.

Portable Possessions: Cellphone
<img src="two girls talking on cellphones.jpg" alt="Two girls talking on cellphones" width="93" height="137">

Stay connected with cellphone cover

You can include cellphone cover in your Portable Possessions policy or get it as a stand-alone product. Get cellphone cover and stay connected!

Portable Possessions: All Risk
<img src="contents of bag.jpg" alt="Contents of bag" width="150" height="93">

All Risk Insurance covers everything!

All Risk cover will cover all your portable items in one go.