Personal Insurance

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Tailor your Personal Insurance cover to suit your individual needs

Personal Insurance to suit you personally

Personal Insurance Products cover an extensive range of insurance products that you can either purchase to enhance your current policies or as stand-alone products. Personal Insurance Products may vary from company to company. Shop around until you find products that suit your needs.

Personal Insurance include the following products :

Personal Accident Cover

Your Personal Accident policy covers you for the unfortunate event of you being involved in an accident and becoming disabled, hospitalised or pass away.

Funeral Plan

Your Funeral Plan covers your financially for funeral expenses when the last thing you should be worrying about is being able to pay for a decent funeral.

Protection Plan Plus

This policy covers you against the ill-fated event of you possibility becoming infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Legal Cover

Your Legal Insurance covers you for expert advice regarding private, legal or labour matters.

Auto Top Up

Auto Top Up covers you for the outstanding amount still owed on your financed vehicle if your car gets stolen or written off.

Cellphone Only Cover

This stand-alone policy covers your cellphone against loss, theft and damage.

Designated Driver Assist

Designated Driver Assist will get you and your car to your destination safely when you have been partying and do not want to risk driving.

Touch Up

The perfect cover for small dents, scratches and chip marks to keep your car in mint condition.

Tyre & Rim Guard

Protect your wheels with Tyre & Rim Guard against pothole damage.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are available in next to no time.

These Personal Insurance Products will supplement your existing insurance policies in order to cover you against almost any eventuality.