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At OUTsurance you always get something out!  

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You always get something OUT

You get low premium insurance at affordable prices with great service, all in one. We compare with the foremost insurance companies in the world and you benefit all the way.


Car Insurance  

OUTsurance provides you with three car insurance policy options to choose from: 

Comprehensive Car Insurance 

·         Accidental damage

·         Theft

·         Hijack

·         Intentional damage

·         Damage caused by fire/act of nature

·         Damage/injury to someone else and their property 

You can also get low-cost Comprehensive or Limited Motorcycle Insurance for your bikes, scooters, cruisers and quad bikes.


Limited Car Insurance 

·         Theft

·         Hijack

·         Damage by fire

·         Damage or injury to a third party

·           Excludes accidental damage to your car 


Liability to Other Parties Insurance 

·         Damage caused to someone else’s person or property

·         This is the most affordable cover and a standalone product

·         Excludes accidental damage to your vehicle


Essential Insurance 

Perfect for vehicles older than 5 years that are fully paid and valued less than R50 000 


Home Insurance   

OUTsurance provides you with home insurance fit for royalty! Choose between the following Household Contents Insurance Products:


Standard Contents Insurance 

·         Theft

·         Intentional damage to valuables

·         Damage caused by a burst geyser or electric power surge

·         Damage by fire, lightning, hail and flooding

·         Liability against injury of domestic worker while on duty 


Essential Contents Insurance 

·         Covers household items with a value lower than R50 000

·         A cut-price, inventive insurance product 


Buildings Insurance 

Damage to the structure of your house or outbuilding caused by: 

·         Water-heating systems or water pipes

·         Acts of nature

·         Explosion

·         Subsidence

·         Fire

·         Accidental damage to fixed glass and sanitary ware


Business Insurance 

Cover your business against any eventuality with our innovative business insurance products:

·         Car/Fleet Insurance

·         Buildings Insurance

·         Contents Insurance

·         OUT-of-Office Insurance

·         Electronic Equipment Insurance

OUTsurance Business Insurance also offers a variety of additional products you can select in order to enhance your insurance cover.