Life Insurance

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Choosing your Life Insurance Company

How does a person know which company will meet his Life Insurance needs? The answer is:

• Know your own needs and what you can afford to pay.

• Know about the various companies that offer Life Insurance.

• Know what each company offers in a product and service.

To help you answer these questions, see the following details:


From Auto & General you can get Life, Dread Disease, and Disability cover.

Life cover ensures financial support to your family, when you are no longer with them.

Dread Disease covers you should you contract a disease such as cancer or have to undergo heart surgery.

Disability pays a lump sum should you become disabled and unable to continue your occupation.

Expo-Sure is included in all Life policies and offers support if you or your family is accidentally exposed to HIV.


Pure Life Cover is offered with two options:

• 1Life Basic which never decreases in value and include accident cover and terminal disease cover either for a specified term or whole life.

• 1Life Elevated which will pay a higher lump sum and may be increased at your request.

Dread disease and disability cover is available.

Credit Life is offered as a decreasing cover linked to debt.

Ekspo-sure is offered as a free value added product.


Products available from Dial Direct are:

• Pure Life Cover for Life Insurance up to R10 million.

• Occupation-based Disablement to pay out if you become disabled whilst doing your job, leaving you unable to continue working.

• Event-based Disablement to cover you when any event leads to disability.

• Dread Disease cover for if you become terminally ill.

• Ekspo-sure is also offered.


Hippo is your insurance-quote-friend. They offer you up to seventeen quotes from their trusted partners in the insurance industry, so you can compare and select the best for your lifestyle and budget.

On their website they offer a comprehensive list of FAQ’s and a glossary to help you understand insurance terminology and how to choose life insurance.


OUTsurance resently entered the Life insurance industry and as always offer you something back on your life insurance policy as well. You will get back All your premiums for 15 years if there was no claim. Insure your life for up to R16 million.

Your premiums are guaranteed to only increase by 6% pa for the first 5 years.

By excluding the Bonus-back option your premiums can reduce by 30%.

The Essential Life product is offered for cover between R50 000 and R350 000 and includes cancer cover and funeral cover.


This is Life Insurance in answer to the needs of any modern woman, available over the phone in less than 20 minutes. No paperwork, for up to R10 million whole life cover to be paid out to as many as ten beneficiaries.

Your premiums are fixed in the first 2 years and suicide is covered after 2 years. Disability and dread disease cover are also available with possible payment whilst you are alive.

Choose between a Basic or Elevated policy.