Do you know about the banned Zuma ad?

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Jacob Zuma, SA President

SABC bans Zuma Nkandla fish & chips ad

Yep, that’s true. The SABC banned an animated fish and chips advert that was supposed to show how a president would feed his family.

The ad was supposed to run on SABC channels and was then suddenly banned only two hours before its first airing.

Why the SABC banned the Zuma fish & chips ad

The ad for The Fish and Chip Co is an animated cartoon, showing Zuma and his family having dinner at Nkandla. The ad is colorful and brilliantly depicts Jacob Zuma, as well as his family at a very, very, very long dinner table.

The creative director at Metropolitan Republic Group, the creators of the commercial, allegedly remarked that he fails to see why it was axed.

The SABS banned the ad, because it was “degrading to the President.”

Kaizer Kganyago, a spokesman for the SABC said that he did not know anything about the ad or the ban on the ad.

Have a look for yourself and decide whether the ad is degrading Zuma or not …

By banning this commercial, the SABC may have seriously jeopardized its alleged credibility as a transparent and open broadcaster.

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