It is time for a school holiday – Not again!

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Yippee or woe is me?

I suppose the attitude to a school holiday rather depends on who you are. I have been a parent for longer than I have been learner (… dreadful word ‘learner’ – what was wrong with ‘pupil’ or ‘student’? However, even though I am one, I am no longer a teacher. I am now ‘an educator’. Goals became outcomes and syllabus became curricula, exams became test series and people became human resources, prisoners became correctional services clients and policemen became community crime control managers. I cannot figure out how any of this is supposed to make you better at your job, more dedicated and caring and intelligent. More admin kills the good teacher and creates a hiding place for useless ones. Responsible people are responsible whatever system they operate in. Lazy people just get more adept at finding loopholes if system changes occur.

 5 holiday reality points for the good guys:

The good mother:

  1. I can get up a little later as I don’t have to get everybody up, dressed, fed and transported so school.
  2. They mess more and eat a week’s groceries in a day.
  3. Thank goodness, the big ones can help look after the little ones.
  4. I worry about unsupervised children at home, vulnerable to drug dealers and abusers, and no way can I get more leave.
  5. WHA-at, holiday again? They have hardly covered any work and will they be ready for exams?

The conscientious learner:

  1. I have worked well and deserve a break.
  2. Time to revise and get to grips with work I am insecure about.
  3. I can help my mom with chores and play with my little brother.
  4. I am going to sleep late. Winter holidays are the best!
  5. I should have asked more questions and appreciated the good teachers more.

The dedicated teacher:

  1. Too tired to formulate a thought.
  2. Relief: I got through this term without doing harm, losing my temper, falling behind with marking, prescribed work goals, a serious bout of flu’, losing my sense of humour/perspective/hope/job.
  3. I’d better start preparation/see about finding a way of explaining concepts they struggle with/ strategies to stop bullying/ getting non-participant learners to engage/cope with sexist attitudes of boys/ appeal to girls to protect their modesty/virginity, not letting disrespect/lack of parental involvement/ constant criticism from those on the sidelines get under my skin.
  4. Plan how to get into homes and put a brick through TV screens because a mere teacher cannot compete with the values and ambitions, pornography and glorification of violence that children drink in constantly. (There, you see, even teachers have fantasies of aggressive solutions!)
  5. Make up for all the neglect of my loved ones, because I barely keep my head above water during the term.





Author:  Suenel Bruwer Holloway

Suenel Bruwer Holloway lives in the country and does a lot of laundry, walks dogs, gardens and cooks. She also writes. She will opine on any topic, so contact her on if you want an opinion piece and are brave enough.