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Discover the leading insurance companies in South Africa. Find out which products they offer and learn about their background and history in the Insurance industry as well as their vision and mission for Insurance to their clients. All these insurance companies offer excellent insurance products at prices anyone can afford.

Auto and General

As a formidable leader in South Africa’s competitive short-term insurance industry, we are committed to excellent service and retaining the core values that made us a leader since 1985.

Auto and General offers you the following Insurance categories: Vehicle, Home & Personal, Business, Professional Liability, Life and a whole array of value added products.

1 Life Insurance

1Lifedirect is a revolution in the Life Insurance industry! No tedious paperwork, consultants or complicated presentations, therefore we offer very low fees and what used to be paid as broker commission is now rebated to the consumer. You won’t even need an upfront medical test. At 1Life you get life insurance at competitive rates for a package you select according to your needs and budget.

Mutual and Federal

Mutual & Federal has a history of more than 180 years. As a leading player in short-term insurance, we are proud of our tradition of service and quality and our product range. We have kept up with change and offer highly efficient and friendly service.

One phone call will get you personal, commercial or corporate insurance, not only in South Africa but also Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Budget Insurance

Budget offers the lowest of low premiums on Insurance for your vehicle, home, buildings and business insurance needs. We also have add-on products such as cover for funeral costs and personal accidents as well as small damage repairs for vehicles to extend a main policy.

We present our clients efficient assistance, professional advice, great benefits and low premiums for more than sufficient cover.


Santam is the yellow umbrella Insurance Company since 1918! It symbolises the comprehensive insurance products we offer. Our simple principle declares that insurance should add value and provide peace of mind and nothing negative.

Our broker relationships is a core strength that we promote to our clients, but also offer multiple points of contact. You can choose how you want to deal with us. Santam offers products ranging from Personal through Commercial, Specialist and Agricultural Insurance.

Dial Direct

A decade in the South African short term insurance market and Dial Direct has become renowned for its simple, smart viewpoint and is widely preferred. We give you the opportunity to deal directly with your insurer, for paperless underwriting and 24 hour call centres. Dial Direct is geared to make your life simpler and smarter.

Get insurance cover for your vehicle, home, buildings, business, portable possessions and personal or life insurance as well as personal loans. One call is all you have to make, for all your insurance needs.


Hippo is your personal assistent for insurance. With any quote you request from Hippo we give you up to seventeen quotes from our various trusted partners. That way we assure you the best and most affordable insurance. Our hassle free quotes carry no obligations. We keep contact with you by mailing the latest news on products and companies.

Whatever your need get a quote for motor, household, business, personal, health and travel insurance as well as financial matters. Compare, choose and save!

King Price

King Price Insurance was born to do something about paying too much for insurance. People left their high paying jobs to follow their dream and start King Price Insurance. No one can compete with such passion.

King Price is out to disrupt the local insurance market with our lean policy and transparent discounted pricing. Our bottom line is the best price and service fit for a king. We offer the same cover as everybody else but at a much lower price.


At OUTsurance, we’re all about giving our clients outstanding service. Our clients are the most important factor of our business and we aim to give them value-for-money products, remarkable service and a reasonable deal. By using OUTsurance you will always get something back.

Our staff are passionate about service and will go the extra mile. We offer you the full range of short-term insurance products as well as life insurance at the hand of our professional advisers.

1st for Women

1st for Women Insurance Company designed all policies exclusively for the insurance needs of South African women. We agree that women are lower insurance risks than males and know that the damage caused by a women in a crash, costs less to repair than damage caused by men. Therefore we allow female motorists to benefit from lower vehicle insurance premiums.

1st for Women offers an extensive range of products with fabulous benefits specifically designed with South African women in mind. These products and benefits are different to insurance products historically designed for men, by men.


Virseker is different to all other insurance companies in that it caters for all who wants to do Insurance business in Afrikaans, since it is as much an official language in our country, as the ten others.

We offer you the full range of vehicle insurance products with the option of excellent add on products to improve the value of your cover. Also available is home insurance, personal possessions and personal insurance.