How to Enjoy a Sensible Christmas

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The Most Important Areas In Life

The following are regarded by psychologists and spiritual leaders as the utmost important aspects of our modern day lives. We simply cannot live and function properly without either one of them. Loosing anyone of these aspects will surely have a devastating impact. It becomes even more important during Christmas time to pause for a change and give our life and our very existence a thought.


Many of us have our moments within this chaos we sometimes find ourselves in, where we simply want to devote ourselves to a life of complete solitary. Other people can really be a bit much sometimes. Despite all that, us humans are sort of “gregarious animals”, if you will. We are not really designed to exist in solitary. We are meant to love and be loved, to interact. What better time than Christmas to rekindle our love for loved ones, family, friends and even passing strangers? Life happens, as the saying goes, and it is so easy to lose touch with ourselves and our loved ones. Although we should love and live every day as if it is Christmas or Valentines’ day for instance, this time of year might be just the reminder we needed. As we read in the Holy Bible, love is the biggest and most important of all.


The incidence of Melanoma in South Africa, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, is taking on devastating proportions at the moment. Christmas time during the year-end summer holiday is synonymous with carefree relaxing times. Unfortunately we become more “relaxed” about sun protection and our health too. Then we all know someone allergic to bees and constantly finding themselves without their precautionary emergency medicines, right? We also tend to be less careful about how we handle and store food during this time where both the home- or holiday fridges are always too small. Usually Christmas goes hand-in-hand with family and friends getting together, lots of food, overindulgence, etc. Need I say more? Food poisoning, an upset tummy and sometime inevitable dehydration, rudely disrupted many a summer holiday. Good sensible planning beforehand and the necessary precautions can be of tremendous value. Yes of course we know this all too well, but in our human nature we all need a reminder from time to time.


Christmas can be a lot more expensive than we realize or intended. We want to spoil ourselves and our loved ones a little, right? We want to spread the love and joy. Then there are always the “obligation” gifts to those “infamous” persons at the Christmas get-together too. This can blow a huge hole in your Christmas bonus (for the ones who still get those these days) which was actually intended for all the beginning of the year school expenses. Just to start the new year depressed and in financial difficulty. There are too many insensible and “unwanted” gifts landing somewhere in a drawer too. Does any of this sound familiar at all? Fortunately our society recently developed a culture of handmade gifts again and the internet is swarming with ideas, especially for those less talented amongst us. And there is still enough time left too. The whole family can even be involved in the fun of gift making. Nothing quite “spreads the love and joy” like a personal gift made with care. How about making healthy organic beauty products for the ladies and girls such as foot balms and -soaks, tinted lip balms, bath salts and -“fizzies? Or gift jars of homemade mustard sauce and meat rub to accompany the Christmas ham. Gingerbread man cookies can become really fun Christmas tree decorations or a Christmas door wreath made of sweets as decoration. Let us plan and enjoy a carefree Christmas in a more sensible way, setting the scene for a wonderful and more carefree new year.