Gay Marriage: Legislation in USA

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Gay Marriage legislation discussed

If you have a Facebook account, you cannot help but notice the vast amount of rainbow coloured profile pictures. On closer inspection, you realise that these conversions coincided with the passing of the long overdue legislation.

And while one states that it is long overdue, and is absolutely thrilled for those whose lives it touches directly, one cannot help but be reminded of all the places in our world that are far behind in terms of this revolution. Those countries that punish and shame those wanting to make their love formal and committed in the eyes of the law. Those countries that would kill and incarcerate these people.

Tolerance and equality is what our focus should be on, it seems. I realise that legislation is the end result, but surely this begins with tolerance, acceptance, love and equality for all? No matter the race, religion, political agenda?

I look forward to the day where these are what are celebrated and acclaimed. Without people being shamed, and having to fight for their basic rights. Love and be loved, accept and be accepted.

And to America – good on you for setting an example to those who need to catch up! Just in time for Independence Day!