What is your favorite car?

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My favorite car

What does your favorite car say about you?

People and their cars seem to form a relationship and the cars they buy also says a great deal about them. See what your favorite car says about you.

If your favorite car is a Convertible …

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You enjoy life to its fullest. You like to be in the spotlight and you love the thrill of speed. You have an adventurous spirit and you are a social person. The good things in life appeal to you and you usually have a lot of exclusive Brand Names in your closet. You prefer to wear only designer sunglasses and eat at the best restaurants. However, you do have a serious side, even though you hide it well.

If your favorite car is a Muscle Car …

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You like a big noise, rock music and jeans. Most likely, you work on your car yourself and spend all your free time fixing some little thing on your car. You love free, open spaces and long drives in your car. Life is there for living and you enjoy every moment. You like to hang out with the guys and may have a reputation as a bit of a rebel. Very few people know that you are a softie at heart.

If your favorite car is a Hatchback …

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You are logical, practical and punctual. You like reading, listening to the latest hits on the radio and spending time in coffee shops. You are social, but like some private time as well. You love nature and the smell of rain. You’re creative and a team player. Life is full of beauty and you appreciate it. Most of all, you are ambitious and have great plans for the future.

If your favorite car is a 4×4 or SUV …

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SUV 4×4

You are a bit of a control freak. From your elevated seat, you can see miles ahead and that gives you a feeling of security. Adventure appeals to you and you are into physical activities like cycling, canoing, mountaineering or carting the kids around. You are a hard worker and like to play just as hard (most of the time). Family and friends are important and you spend as much time with them as possible.

If your favorite car is a Compact Truck …

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Compact Truck

You are practicality personified. You can fix things, you like gardening and working with your hands. You love open spaces and ten to one do not work indoors. Formal suits and trendy items of attire do not really appeal to you. No, you prefer jeans or something comfortable. You mostly listen to variations on Country music or Blues  and you love the outdoors. You prefer steak to fish and most often beer to wine. You are a bit on the conservative side, but are open to discussion. People may view you as stubborn.

If your favorite car is a Sedan …

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You are sensible, practical and responsible. Planning ahead makes more sense than spur of the moment decisions. You spend lots of time with your family and like to watch sport on TV. You have DSTV and plan your viewing. Comfort is important, but you don’t believe in extravagance. You seem to be comfortable with who you are. Still, you yearn for something more … privately.

If your favorite car is a Sports Car …

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Sports Car

You love your car, the road and the wind in your hair. If you could, you would spend most of your time in your nifty little sports car. You are carefree, love the good things in life and don’t worry about trivial matters like e-toll, the rain forests, world hunger and such. Every moment should be enjoyed! Fashion is important and your social status matters a great deal. You like to show everyone that you can afford to be on top of the world!