Edna Cane’s 10 writing tips

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10 Tips for Aspiring Writers: Author Edna Cane

Edna Cane is one of those amazing human beings who inspire others to reach for their dreams regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. Born and bred in Witbank, she wrote her first song at the age of 15 and her first book at the age of 17. She had a rebellious streak – wild parties, the wrong friends, and an abortion at the tender age of 20, followed.

A few years ago, Edna survived a horrific accident that left her in a coma for weeks. She had to wear nappies and couldn’t bath on her own. She eventually recovered, met her husband and started writing again. Edna doesn’t spare herself in her autobiography, Totsiens aan Gister, a heart-rending tale of a girl who beats all odds, believes in herself, and becomes a successful person in her own right.

Edna is the author of 5 inspirational Christian novels as well as an audio book for the visually impaired. CruGuru publishes her books – it is printed via Create Space. Edna is also a songwriter and motivational speaker. She has her own two internet radio programs on Radio Sarie (www.radiosarie.co.za) and Kalahari Stereo (www.kalahari.info). She reads from her books and plays her own songs.

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Edna Cane’s 10 writing tips

  1. Read, read, read – never stop reading if you want to be a writer.

  2. Do your homework if you want to write about a specific topic.

  3. Don’t repeat the same words in close proximity to each other.

  4. Listen to your publisher.

  5. You only need one word to be a writer. A word becomes a paragraph, a paragraph becomes a page, a page becomes a chapter, and a chapter a manuscript.

  6. Allow the characters in your book be true to themselves.

  7. Be sure that you actually do want to be a writer. It is very hard work.

  8. Don’t lend out your ears to anyone. Follow your heart and intuition.

  9. Don’t let anyone take your dreams from you. Never stop dreaming.

  10. Try your best. When God sees you are trying, He will do what you can’t!

Readers who want to order Edna’s books can contact her at www.ednacane.com or www.facebook.com/ednacaneauthor. The title of her latest book is Donker Hoop.


Author: Louise Viljoen

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