Easter Treats around the world

Easter Treats in South Africa

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Hot Cross Buns

South Africans love eating Hot Cross Buns at Easter. Hot cross buns are spiced, sweet buns with currants, raisins and cinnamon. These buns are traditionally decorated with a cross on the top of the bun. These Easter Buns are usually eaten on Good Friday in South Africa, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Easter Treats in the UK

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Simnel Cake

After the semi-fasting of Lent, delicious treats are enjoyed and apart from Hot cross buns, the British people also enjoy eating Simnel cake. The Simnel cake is a light fruit cake that originated during medieval times. The word simnel is derived from the Latin word, simila, which means wheaten flour. The cake is divided by a layer of almond paste or marzipan and another layer is spread on top of the cake.

Easter Treats in North America

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Easter Ham

In North America, the more traditional treat during Easter is a special ham. This tradition dates way back, before people had refrigerators and cool boxes. They slaughtered a pig during the fall and used every part of meat available. The ham was then cured, smoked and stored through the entire winter. At Easter, a whole ham was cooked and enjoyed. This tradition still lives on.

Easter Treats in Italy, Spain, France and Germany

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Pane di Pasqua

Italy: The Italians enjoy Pane di Pasqua or Easter bread, a bread filled with herbs, proscuitto and hard-boiled eggs. It is usually eaten with Easter soup or meaty minestra di Pasqua.

France: The French Easter treat is Poisson d’Avril (fish of April), a chocolate fish. Strange, but true …

Spain: Spanish people love to eat hornazo, a bread stuffed with bacon, sausage and hard boiled eggs.

Germany: On Gründonnerstag or green Thursday, the Thursday before Easter, Germans eat green foods, lamb and osterkuchen, a colourful cake decorated with marzipan eggs.

Easter Holidays and traveling

Take special care when you drive to your holiday destination. Have your car serviced, tyres checked and ensure that your car is in good condition. Seat belts should be worn at all times and you can either take turns driving or make a few stops to stretch your legs in order to avoid driver fatigue.

Ensure that your car insurance and home insurance is up to date in case of any unforeseen eventuality.