Be different on Valentines Day this year!

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Do something a little different on Valentines Day

Sick and tired of the same thing for Valentines Day over and over again? Me too!

Fancy and expensive dinners. Chocolates, heart shaped muffins and cheap bubbly. Balloons and teddy bears. All of these are just not enchanting any longer. Let me try and help you out of predictability and to put some adventure in your romance.

Unique ideas for Valentines

Touristy things

Find out about the touristy things in your own town, or neighboring towns, that you have never done. Take as many couple-y pictures as you like. Go climb a mountain, or use the cable car if you won’t make it. Just get up there. Go down a shaft. Hop on a train or go in a hot air balloon. Actually sounds pretty romantic, eh?

Throw a Single-n-Happy  party

Why hate Valentines Day when you are single? Turn it into an occasion for singles to have fun too! Participate in International Quirky-alone Day, where singles around the world throw feel-good parties rejoicing empowerment, romance and gratitude. Such parties could boost socializing, but mainly it’s an excuse to enjoy Valentine’s Day without having a pity-party.

Get cultured

Every culture has some unique way to celebrates Valentines Day. In Japan, women give men chocolates, while some parts of Britain serve special raisin and seed buns.  In Switserland, Glühwein is preferred over Champagne.  Google can help you to mix a couple of fun new traditions into your Valentines date.

Have a Stay-at-home group date

Gather all your buddies who never intended to go out. Share the duties and split the cost, but multiply the fun. Swop the roles, let the men cook and serve while the women plan games, decorate or make gifts.


Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but it doesn’t have to end with romance. Branch out your love into charity and friendship. There are so many care actions that need volunteers. They and their recipients would be overwhelmed and infected with your love, should you volunteer your services at a soup kitchen, old age home or orphanage. Why not deliver flowers to nursing home residents? Deliver food or toiletry parcels to a shelter.

DIY your gift

That doesn’t just mean cooking dinner or cutting a CD. Hunt for a personalized present he/she won’t expect. Assemble a book of love poems or make a modern scrapbook of your special memories, photographs and even literary passages that represent your relationship.

When you give your imagination free reigns, you will surprise and impress even yourself!