Christmas gifts just for you

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Christmas is Coming Soon

Isn’t it strange that shops can start putting up Christmas decorations in November already? It used to be that December was the month, but hey, what can be wrong with having permission to start shopping for Christmas early? What is even better is that you can start thinking of the day and who you will spend it with. What would you like to share with your nearest and dearest ones? Since Christmas falls during the summer vacation, many people are at their holiday destination, and have to plan how to get all their purchases to come along with them. What if you were to take a little different stance this year and take this extra time to plan some gifts just for you?

I am not talking about things that you can buy in a shop or bring home from an online expedition. No, I am referring to those intangible things that only you will know about yourself. What are your favorite places, who are your favorite people and what are your favorite things to do? Do you have a favorite author, or a kind of food you just adore? How do you really envision your Christmas day and what does it mean for you? Is it just a day to share presents, or is it more than that? Have you taken a moment recently to think about creating some wonderful Christmas gifts just for you?

We all have our own experiences of Christmas, and some are better or worse than others, there is the heavy retail aspect, and then the family get together, but what about creating your own version of Christmas? One where you can take the day for yourself and your loved ones and make it into a feast of things that you like? If you love the water, then pig out on swimming and such like. If you like the mountain, go for a hike and explore places you have never been to, the Drakensberg, Pilansberg etc. It is time to have a new Christmas and one with gifts just for you! So what would your ideal Christmas look like?