The Cheapest Car Insurance

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Dial Direct options for the cheapest car insurance

Dial Direct realizes that there are various different types of cars to be insured and policy holders have different needs and budgets to relate to. For that reason we designed different policies to choose from.

Select any of the following three options for the cheapest car insurance available:

Comprehensive cover

It will pay to repair accidental damage to your vehicle, replace your stolen car and pay for damage you may have caused to a third party or their property. It even gives protection if you are involved in an accident in someone else’s vehicle. We attempt to recover your excess payment from the driver responsible for the accident.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This option comes at a lower premium and is suitable only if your car is paid in full. You will have protection against fire and theft of the car as well as cover for the damage you may accidentally cause to a third party or their property.

Third Party only cover

This option is for our cheapest car insurance policy and is designed for vehicles that are fully paid and has low insured values. It provides cover only for the damage you may have caused to someone or their property. Dial Direct Third Party insurance also provides cover for damage caused by any vehicle which was towed by your insured car.

Even more options for the cheapest car insurance

You may think the first three options were great enough to convince you, but Dial Direct went even further to give you not only the cheapest car insurance but also the best features in every policy.

Select any of these add on products to enhance your cheapest car insurance policy:


If you chose Mechanical Breakdown, you will be protected from failures of the parts in your engine, such as the steering, gearbox, fuel system, cooling system, air conditioner, drive shaft, prop-shaft and electrical ignition.


Dial Direct Touch-Up cover allows you to repair all those unsightly chips, scrape marks, scratches and dents on your car’s paintwork.


Bad roads can cause damage or destroy a tyre or rims. Tyre and Rim Guard provides the cost to repair or replacement it.