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Important: Employment Equity Legislation Amendments

In South Africa, we have much legislation governing how we do business, advising and guiding us on who to employ, how to employ, and how to manage those in our employ. These items of legislation change often and are amended almost annually, and so as an employer, one needs to be on top of them.

Employment: Industries

This is not always an easy task, as different Acts apply to different industries. Certain codes apply to certain size organisations. If you do not have an HR Team to assist you with this, it can often become a nightmare.

There are huge fines leviable for non-compliance, and labour inspectors are employed to find the boxes you have left unchecked, sometimes through no fault of your own, but unchecked nevertheless.

Employment Information

I would recommend subscribing to Government Gazettes, and doing some research once a month on all applicable websites, such as the Department of Labour, Department of Education, the SETA your organisation is registered with, and the Department of Trade and Industry. Ignorance is not an excuse for non-compliance and an excuse which the Government officials have grown weary of. Protect yourself, your organisation, and ultimately your employees, by making sure that you consult experts, and that you are always on the pulse of anything pertaining to the law. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.


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Co-creating your Own Economy

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Co-creating your Own Economy – fears and reservations

According to statistics some of the biggest upheavals and most stressful events in life are divorce, death of a loved one and moving house. Although some of it cannot be prevented and may be external incidents dealt by fate, there is one change that expects you to delve deep within and find a way.

Co-creating your Own Economy!

If you are standing at this crossroad in your life right now, know that it is only natural to be plagued by doubt in your own abilities as well as the fear of failure. It is a daunting thought to step into the unknown. Many people have done it with minimal resources and a positive mind, and came out shining.

You may think you don’t have any skills or talents, but experience will prove you wrong. You do have skills and useful abilities that will contribute to the success of creating your Own Economy. But you can only discover them by taking the plunge and trust in the outcome. Intention of the heart and mind is a powerful creator, and whatever your skills may be, there is a place for you in the greater scheme of things.

I took the plunge about a year ago, and I still remember waking up in the early hours of the morning, riddled with anxiety and panic. How am I going to survive?

A year later I can truthfully say that I have all I need on every level, and been awed by the generosity and kindness of like-minded people. I have discovered strengths I never thought I had, and have been gifting my skills to people less fortunate in ways I’ve never imagined. And it’s only the beginning.

All it took was the decision to surrender, faith in a Higher Intelligence, and trust that I will be sustained (without the Government). By meeting the right people to make up my pod of co-creators, I now know that it can be done.

Put your fears to rest by knowing that you do have a purpose, and that you are a valued contributor to any just cause. It’s time to grow up and join your soul family, so that you can create your Own Economy and provide for yourself.

Remember, you are not alone. For a start-up business methodology and assistance, please link to INDIVINEUR .


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How to Start a Blog and Make an Impact

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How Difficult is it to Start a Blog ?

It is actually very easy to start a blog. All you will need to make a basic blog is access to the internet and a bit of time. There are a few simple steps you can follow to start your own blog and start to make an impact on the community of followers you are going to build.

Choosing a blogging platform

There are many blog platforms to choose from when you start a blog and many of them are free if you only want to build a basic blog. You don’t even have to buy a domain name when you start out if you don’t want to, or want to get used to blogging first before moving on to a paid platform. Two of the most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. But there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you start a blog.

Why do you want to start a blog?

Before you start a blog, you first need to know why you want to blog and what it is you want to share with the world. Perhaps you only want a personal blog or a family blog which only you and your family can read. Or do you want to start a blog showcasing your hobby? Or perhaps you want to start a business and want to start a blog as part of your strategy. It makes the process a lot easier if you decide beforehand what it is you want to achieve with the blog.

Do you want to generate income with your blog?

If you want to generate income with your blog from the start, you may have to consider buying a domain name from the outset. You can then use advertising services to generate income. Or you can sell services or items on your blog (if you, for instance, have a hobby blog).

When you do start a blog, remember that you do it to enjoy it. Use your passions in life to see what it is you want to do. By sharing your passion, you can make an impact on others’ lives and make a difference in your community of followers.



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What does your financial future hold?

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3 Tips on how to take responsibility for your financial future

Your financial security is the structure of your future wellbeing. Here is the ABC – easy to remember tips – on how to take responsibility for your financial future:

  • A – Assess

Spending money without knowing the ins-and-outs of your current financial status quo could be an irresponsible practice, and possibly get you into dire money difficulties before you know it.

To begin by assessing your financial situation is a sure way of knowing exactly where you stand. It will give you a clear picture (the bigger one) of your current and future financial situation, how to achieve a reasonable living standard and maintain it, as well as assisting you in setting goals for the future.

If you are finding it hard to make sense of your assessment, speak to a reputable financial advisor to give you sound advice on how to take responsibility for your financial future.

  • B – Budget

Keeping a budget is the gold card of financial transparency.

By keeping a monthly record, (book or spreadsheet), noting your income (credit) and expenditures (debits), you’ve achieved an important step in taking responsibility for your financial future.

Make a note of the things you spend money on that is not included on the normal debit list. Add that to your budget too. It will give you a pretty good idea whether you are pouring money down the drain or not.

  • C – Cleanup

To ‘cleanup’ in a financial context, means the following:

  • Putting a plan in motion to cleanup all your debts by becoming debt-free
  • Getting rid of all clutter (including unnecessary financial indulgences)

The Way Forward

Even if you are in a relationship that supports you on a monitory level, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your personal financial future. Independence is a good thing in the long run. Life is unpredictable and one should at least make sure you have a cushion to land on when the relationship tumbles.

Slaving away and living frugally needs to be balanced by a reward or treat every now and then. It’s really ok to take a holiday, enjoy a spa-treatment or purchase a luxury item.

You’ve worked for it, you deserve it!



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Who needs Portable Possessions Insurance?

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Do I need Portable Possessions Insurance?

Should you add portable possessions cover away from home to your house insurance policy? Home insurance contents cover will give you protection for your personal portable possessions at your residence, but will your belongings be covered away from your home?

Besides customary movable goods such as jewellery, keys, clothing and cash, we also have increasing numbers of expensive and very important portable belongings such as mobile phones, cameras, tablets and laptops. You have to be sure your Insurance cover extends to loss or accidental damage when you take these things out and about with you.

Some home insurance policies include this cover as standard, but scrutinize the terms and conditions to see whether such cover exists and meets your needs. If not, cover away from home can be bought as an add-on to the policy.

What is not covered by Portable Possessions Insurance?

General exclusions from portable possessions insurance are:

• Wear and tear of your goods

• Possessions left unattended and then lost

• Property left in an unlocked car or in plain view of thieves in a locked vehicle

• Pets or other animals

• Tools

• Any business-related possessions

• Camping equipment

Bicycles may need to be listed separately.

Other options and considerations

On standard Home Insurance, laptops and bikes can be covered away from home, but other specific items might need to be valued over a specified amount.

Check whether it is cover for individual and specified items or a lump sum total value of all possessions.

Be aware of single-item limits and other limits placed on claims, especially on cash and cards.

You may need to stipulate specific values for things such as jewellery.

Check if protection is offered for goods that are taken abroad.

Check whether a claim would affect your no-claims bonus.

You may already have cover through your bank account, your credit and debit cards, travel insurance, or another policy. Verify all possibilities.

Portable Possessions cover away from home can be a very valuable product to have!


Contact us today for excellent Portable Possessions Insurance you can afford!

Ref.: http://www.gocompare.com/

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Christmas gifts just for you

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Christmas is Coming Soon

Isn’t it strange that shops can start putting up Christmas decorations in November already? It used to be that December was the month, but hey, what can be wrong with having permission to start shopping for Christmas early? What is even better is that you can start thinking of the day and who you will spend it with. What would you like to share with your nearest and dearest ones? Since Christmas falls during the summer vacation, many people are at their holiday destination, and have to plan how to get all their purchases to come along with them. What if you were to take a little different stance this year and take this extra time to plan some gifts just for you?

I am not talking about things that you can buy in a shop or bring home from an online expedition. No, I am referring to those intangible things that only you will know about yourself. What are your favorite places, who are your favorite people and what are your favorite things to do? Do you have a favorite author, or a kind of food you just adore? How do you really envision your Christmas day and what does it mean for you? Is it just a day to share presents, or is it more than that? Have you taken a moment recently to think about creating some wonderful Christmas gifts just for you?

We all have our own experiences of Christmas, and some are better or worse than others, there is the heavy retail aspect, and then the family get together, but what about creating your own version of Christmas? One where you can take the day for yourself and your loved ones and make it into a feast of things that you like? If you love the water, then pig out on swimming and such like. If you like the mountain, go for a hike and explore places you have never been to, the Drakensberg, Pilansberg etc. It is time to have a new Christmas and one with gifts just for you! So what would your ideal Christmas look like?


How to Enjoy a Sensible Christmas

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The Most Important Areas In Life

The following are regarded by psychologists and spiritual leaders as the utmost important aspects of our modern day lives. We simply cannot live and function properly without either one of them. Loosing anyone of these aspects will surely have a devastating impact. It becomes even more important during Christmas time to pause for a change and give our life and our very existence a thought.


Many of us have our moments within this chaos we sometimes find ourselves in, where we simply want to devote ourselves to a life of complete solitary. Other people can really be a bit much sometimes. Despite all that, us humans are sort of “gregarious animals”, if you will. We are not really designed to exist in solitary. We are meant to love and be loved, to interact. What better time than Christmas to rekindle our love for loved ones, family, friends and even passing strangers? Life happens, as the saying goes, and it is so easy to lose touch with ourselves and our loved ones. Although we should love and live every day as if it is Christmas or Valentines’ day for instance, this time of year might be just the reminder we needed. As we read in the Holy Bible, love is the biggest and most important of all.


The incidence of Melanoma in South Africa, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, is taking on devastating proportions at the moment. Christmas time during the year-end summer holiday is synonymous with carefree relaxing times. Unfortunately we become more “relaxed” about sun protection and our health too. Then we all know someone allergic to bees and constantly finding themselves without their precautionary emergency medicines, right? We also tend to be less careful about how we handle and store food during this time where both the home- or holiday fridges are always too small. Usually Christmas goes hand-in-hand with family and friends getting together, lots of food, overindulgence, etc. Need I say more? Food poisoning, an upset tummy and sometime inevitable dehydration, rudely disrupted many a summer holiday. Good sensible planning beforehand and the necessary precautions can be of tremendous value. Yes of course we know this all too well, but in our human nature we all need a reminder from time to time.


Christmas can be a lot more expensive than we realize or intended. We want to spoil ourselves and our loved ones a little, right? We want to spread the love and joy. Then there are always the “obligation” gifts to those “infamous” persons at the Christmas get-together too. This can blow a huge hole in your Christmas bonus (for the ones who still get those these days) which was actually intended for all the beginning of the year school expenses. Just to start the new year depressed and in financial difficulty. There are too many insensible and “unwanted” gifts landing somewhere in a drawer too. Does any of this sound familiar at all? Fortunately our society recently developed a culture of handmade gifts again and the internet is swarming with ideas, especially for those less talented amongst us. And there is still enough time left too. The whole family can even be involved in the fun of gift making. Nothing quite “spreads the love and joy” like a personal gift made with care. How about making healthy organic beauty products for the ladies and girls such as foot balms and -soaks, tinted lip balms, bath salts and -“fizzies? Or gift jars of homemade mustard sauce and meat rub to accompany the Christmas ham. Gingerbread man cookies can become really fun Christmas tree decorations or a Christmas door wreath made of sweets as decoration. Let us plan and enjoy a carefree Christmas in a more sensible way, setting the scene for a wonderful and more carefree new year.


Mmusi Maimane disappoints DA supporters

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What does the future hold for Mmusi Maimane?

Once, during an interview, Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said that when he was a small boy he dreamed of becoming a fireman. Well, it seems as if his childhood dream has come true because he is certainly very busy putting out fires! The internal and external challenges now faced by Mmusi Maimane could not have come at a worse time. The charming, well-spoken and well-educated Mmusi Maimane is still establishing his position as newly elected leader of the official opposition. Many party supporters have placed their hopes on him to turn the DA into a true non-racial party. With the crucial local elections just around the corner, the last thing Mmusi Maimane now needs is detractors from within his party and external allegations of fraud.

What are the issues facing Mmusi Maimane?

  • The Dianne Kohler Barnard affair just does not want to go away. She admitted to sharing, on Facebook, an article suggesting that the country was better off under that awful tyrant, P.W Botha. She apologised and publicly stated that she made a very big mistake. Nevertheless, the federal executive of the DA decided to punish her by kicking her out of the party. This decision has been criticized widely. Even Tony Leon, previous leader of the party called the decision unjust. Mmusi Maimane is holding his ground, however, saying that the party had no option other than to clearly show that it will not tolerate any form of racism. Whether the decision by the federal executive was justified or not is not the real issue, however. The affair has caused great unhappiness within the party and such divisions can only damage the DA’s performance in the upcoming elections.

  • Contravening Parliament’s Ethics Code by not declaring donations has caused Mmusi Maimane immense damage. He maintains that the entire issue is the result of a serious administrative error and that it has been rectified. It is unfortunate that he also stated: “I believe it to be hypocrisy of the highest order for the ANC to pursue this complaint when so many of their MPs have fallen foul of the Ethics Code.” Is Mmusi Maimane now saying that contraventions by others allow him to contravene the law too? The DA has been working hard to create the image of a party that will not stand for corruption. Perhaps he should have thought about it before he committed this enormous political blunder.

Mmusi Maimane has work to do. He must heal the rifts in his own party and he must own up to his own mistakes instead of crying “but everyone is doing it!” The elections are just around the corner.

Edna Cane’s 10 writing tips

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10 Tips for Aspiring Writers: Author Edna Cane

Edna Cane is one of those amazing human beings who inspire others to reach for their dreams regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. Born and bred in Witbank, she wrote her first song at the age of 15 and her first book at the age of 17. She had a rebellious streak – wild parties, the wrong friends, and an abortion at the tender age of 20, followed.

A few years ago, Edna survived a horrific accident that left her in a coma for weeks. She had to wear nappies and couldn’t bath on her own. She eventually recovered, met her husband and started writing again. Edna doesn’t spare herself in her autobiography, Totsiens aan Gister, a heart-rending tale of a girl who beats all odds, believes in herself, and becomes a successful person in her own right.

Edna is the author of 5 inspirational Christian novels as well as an audio book for the visually impaired. CruGuru publishes her books – it is printed via Create Space. Edna is also a songwriter and motivational speaker. She has her own two internet radio programs on Radio Sarie (www.radiosarie.co.za) and Kalahari Stereo (www.kalahari.info). She reads from her books and plays her own songs.

<img src="Edna Cane Donker Hoop.jpg" alt="Edna Cane Donker Hoop" width="201" height="300>

Edna Cane’s 10 writing tips

  1. Read, read, read – never stop reading if you want to be a writer.

  2. Do your homework if you want to write about a specific topic.

  3. Don’t repeat the same words in close proximity to each other.

  4. Listen to your publisher.

  5. You only need one word to be a writer. A word becomes a paragraph, a paragraph becomes a page, a page becomes a chapter, and a chapter a manuscript.

  6. Allow the characters in your book be true to themselves.

  7. Be sure that you actually do want to be a writer. It is very hard work.

  8. Don’t lend out your ears to anyone. Follow your heart and intuition.

  9. Don’t let anyone take your dreams from you. Never stop dreaming.

  10. Try your best. When God sees you are trying, He will do what you can’t!

Readers who want to order Edna’s books can contact her at www.ednacane.com or www.facebook.com/ednacaneauthor. The title of her latest book is Donker Hoop.


Author: Louise Viljoen

Louise Viljoen is a competent and accomplished writer who contributes to various websites, blogs, and print media. She’s available as freelance writer and can be contacted at freelancewriter@truewan.co.za.

Turning Point for “#FeesMustFall” Student Protests?

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“#FeesMustFall” – The Protest of the Century?

Most universities in South Africa are still plagued by what is called the protest of the century, since the anti-apartheid demonstration in 1976 in Soweto. The #FeesMustFall student protest had it’s onset at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) in Johannesburg on 14 October and quickly accelerated towards the rest of the country. Social media hash tags such as #NationalShutdown and #FeesMustFall fueled the protests. It all started as a rally against the steep increase of 10.5% tuition fees for 2016 and 6% in upfront registration fees. Each university has it’s own list of student demands, of which high tuition fees and outsourcing of cleaning services by universities are of the biggest concern.

Angry Students Turning Violent

Sadly, what started as a peaceful protest soon turned violent and vandalistic. The law states that anyone violently entering a gathering of government would be seen as major security risk to the country and be shot on sight. Police handled the crowd with rubber bullets, teargas and stun grenades at first, but according to an eyewitness, they started loading guns with sharp point ammunition as soon as confrontation heated up dangerously. Had the student protest in the Cape succeeded to entering Parliament, it would have caused a massacre and immense damage to our country. While the #FeesMustFall student protest made history in many ways, it could have marked one of the worst incidents of our country as well.

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

President Zuma caved in to the pressure last Friday by committing to a 0% increase for next year. While it is unclear where the R 2.2 Bn shortage would come from, students feel that it still isn’t enough and would rather opt for free tertiary schooling. What will happen if final year students, not able to afford an extra year’s studies, are prevented to write? Then again, there will be even less graduates entering the country’s economy as well, which just widens the gap between less privileged students and the others. This was part of the initial reasons for the protests. The already weak and fragile Rand commodity also took a nose dive due to the protests, putting even more strain on the economy, which is now developing in a vicious circle.

“#FeesMustFall” – Turning Point for Universities

While some universities committed to resuming classes on Monday, some still stay closed for the time being. Apart from what the president promised, universities are busy seeking and working towards solutions and financial relief to students. The TUKS (university of Pretoria) vice counselor agreed to meet student’s initial demands, amongst others.

Exam Jitters?

October is synonymous with the Jacaranda trees in full bloom, painting the cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg in the most glorious purple. It is also synonymous with exam time on university campuses. There is an old novel belief amongst students that you will pass the exams if a jacaranda blossom lands on your head. Well, this year is different with student protests brutally disrupting exams. Some even speculate that it might be those students who were bound to fail anyway, leading the protests by trying to sidestep the exams.

In most scenarios in life, timing is everything. In retrospect, was this the best time for announcing fee increases? How about those wishing to finish exams in time? By worrying about next year’s higher fees, also has a negative impact on an already exam-stressed student’s moral.

Now What?

Now would be the time for our government to step up by allocating hard-earned taxpayers’ money correctly, honestly, intelligently and justly! Instead of spending enormous amounts of money on changing the names of streets and towns, rather allocate that money for university subsidies and government bursaries for disadvantaged students. After all, isn’t educating our youth what really matters? They are the future leaders of this country.

So at this point the unhappiness over Nkandla surfaces once again in articles. One news headline in The Gardian read: “Dear Jacob Zuma, this time white people haven’t made us angry. You did”. Students feel that the government failed them and that very little of the promises made by the ANC during the 1994 and every other election thereafter, were kept. Of course this would also be the time for students to take responsibility and act like the adults they are supposed to be. It would be of no use to have more affordable (or even free) tuition if they wouldn’t academically do their part to succeed.