Car Insurance 101

Are you buying a new car ?

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First-time car buyers need to be informed on car insurance facts

First-time car buyers and Car Insurance

For a first-time car buyer, the process may prove to be a difficult decision. Many people that buy a car for the first time are not aware of the fact that they need to have insurance before driving their new car off the showroom floor. Financial institutions providing the finance for the purchase insist on the new, financed car being insured. The main reason for this is that they want to ensure that their new asset is protected.

Get at least 3 Car Insurance Quotes

Never accept the first offer that is given to you. Get at least 3 quotes and compare both the products and cost before making your decision.

Many banks or financial institutions are affiliated to an insurance company or brokerage firm. New buyers therefore may find themselves feeling bulldozed to take insurance cover through the bank’s preferred supplier.

It is important to know that this cannot be enforced on the new buyer and the decision lies with the client. This makes it essential to shop around for competitive car insurance quotes, to ensure that you are offered the best deal. Ensure that both cover and price suit your individual needs.

Do cash buyers need Car Insurance?

Cash buyers are not exempt from getting car insurance for their new car. Car theft, hijackings and deteriorating road conditions are factors that may cause your car to be damaged or stolen. Car Insurance will cover you against most of these unforeseen events, depending on which Car Insurance Option you select.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance: You are covered against accidental damage, theft, fire and third party liability. All new, financed cars have to be comprehensively insured.

Third Party, Fire and Theft: You are covered against third party liability, theft and fire, excluding accidental damage to your own car.

Third Party Only: Third party liability only.

Select ample cover at a price you can afford and that suits your individual needs. You can tailor your auto insurance with a wide variety of Value Added Products at very little additional cost.

The most important fact still remains: Shop around and compare quotes before you decide to purchase car insurance.