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Auto & General puts you first

We provide inexpensive, innovative car, home & personal, as well as business insurance that suit both your lifestyle and pocket.


Car Insurance

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Car Insurance is essential

Comprehensive Car Insurance

You are comprehensively covered for accidental damage to your car and motor accessories, third party claims, theft & hijacking and damage to third party property. You are further covered for death and injury caused to a third party, as well as towing & storage when you use the A&G towline.

Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance

You are adequately covered for accidental damage caused to a third party by you. You are also covered for theft and fire. Unfortunately, accidental damage  to your own vehicle  is excluded, but you are covered for towing and storage if you use the A&G towline.

Third Party Only

This Policy is the most cost-effective and covers third party damage to another vehicle, but excludes theft, loss and accidental damage to your own vehicle.


Home Insurance

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Home Insurance covers you against a wide variety of risks

You can select the Auto & General Home and Personal Insurance policy as a stand-alone policy or it can be added to any of your existing Auto & General policies.

Home Contents Insurance

Auto & General Home Contents Insurance covers all the contents of your home against theft, loss and damage. The wisest way to insure your home contents is to insure your contents for the current replacement value.

Our affordable Home Contents Insurance covers the following:

Washing stolen from your line and garden furniture stolen from your home

Belongings of your guests and domestic employees stolen from your home

Refrigerated food that spoiled due to a power outage

Money, personal documents, coins and stamps stolen from your home

Bank and Credit cards

Locks and keys damaged during a burglary

Veterinary costs if your pet is injured in a road accident

Liability cover for householder, domestic employees and tenants

Medical expenses for injury caused by your pet or a defective building

Rent for accommodation due to damage to your home

Full-House Bowling or Hole-in-One


Residential Estate Insurance

You benefit even more if you life in a secure residential estate:

Save up to 75% on home contents insurance if theft cover is excluded

Exclude theft cover and save up to 30% on car insurance

Portable Possessions cover of R3 500 if stolen outside your estate. Available when you take out A&G Home Contents Insurance

Golf cart cover for theft inside your estate

Buildings Insurance

You get excellent cover for the structure of your home against loss or damage due to fire, burst pipes and lightning. Geysers should be specified and insured by added geyser cover.

Auto & General Buildings Insurance covers you for the following:

Storms and flooding

Burst water pipes

Explosion, earthquake, fire and lightning

Damage caused by animals, vehicles and falling trees (not when felled)

Malicious damage

Burglary or theft, with proof of visible break-in


Walls & Gates, outbuildings, swimming pool and garages

Liability Cover for householder and domestic employees

Loss of rent due to damage of building

Rent regarding alternative accommodation regarding damage to home


Portable Possessions Insurance

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Stay connected with Portable Possessions Insurance

Your personal, portable items that you take with you when you leave the house will be covered against loss, damage and theft.

 Unspecified items: Clothing, jewellery and personal items carried with you

Specified items: Contact lenses, prescription glasses, valuable jewellery, cellphone, camera, laptop, valuable clothing and handbags. Remember to specify any items over the standard amount and for the replacement value.