1st for Women Insurance

Tailor-made insurance for all South African women

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Tailor-made Insurance for YOU!

At 1st for Women Insurance, we understand that women’s insurance needs are unique. We provide you with excellent, affordable cover for your car, home contents, business and buildings. We also offer life insurance and a wide range of value-added products. 

Car Insurance 

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Women generally pay up to 29% lower for car insurance premiums at 1st for Women

1st for Women Insurance provides 3 car insurance policy options: 


This is the designer car insurance package that covers you for almost any eventuality. You are covered for theft, a break-in, accidental damage and expenses regarding damage to a third  party’s property. 

The following cover is also included: 

Towing & Storage of your vehicle when 1st for Women towline is used

Medical costs up to R500 regarding an accident

Canopy and Sound System (if cover is selected)

Hail Damage Cover (if selected)

Car Hire Option

Option to increase Third Party Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million or R20 milllion 

You can also get affordable insurance for your motorcycle, off-road vehicle, watercraft, caravan and trailer.   


3rd Party, Fire & Theft 

Affordable insurance cover against theft, fire-related damage and damage caused by you to a third party’s car due to an accident.

Excludes accidental damage to your own vehicle 

Also included:

Towing & Store of your car after an accident when you use 1st for Women towline

Medical costs up to R500 after an accident

Option to upgrade your policy regarding your sound system, canopy and windscreen and the car hire option

Option to increase Third Party Liability to R5 million, R10 million or R20 million


3rd Party Only 

Covers expenses and cost of damage causedby you to another party’s car during an accident

Excludes cover for your car and towing & storage

Option to increase Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million or R20 million

Cover for medical expenses up to R500 after an accident

Option to insure sound system when specified 

Remember to get insurance for your motorcycle, off-road vehicle, watercraft, caravan and trailer at 1st for Women Insurance.   


Home Insurance 

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Affordable cover for your home

Home Contents Insurance 

Covers all the movable contents of your home against theft, loss and damage. It also includes cover for the following: 

Spoiled refrigerated food during a power outage

Stolen Washing and garden furniture

Your guest’s belongings if stolen from your home

Stolen money fro your home (evidence of burglary)

Damage to locks and keys during a burglary

Medical expenses regarding an injury caused by your pet or defective building

Your pet’s veterinary expenses

Cover for your handbag up to R4 000 

Buildings Insurance 

1st for Women’s Buildings Insurance covers the physical structure of your home, your garage, outbuildings, walls, gate and swimming pool against loss or damage due to the following: 

Storms & Flooding

Earthquake, Fire, Lightning and Explosion

Burst or damaged water pipes

Damage caused by animals, vehicles and trees (felling of trees excluded)

Malicious damage

Aircraft damage to your home

Theft and break-in (visible proof)

Subsidence of land

Business Insurance 

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1st for Women Business Insurance will keep your doors open

1st for Women Business Insurance is carefully designed for the modern woman of today. You get affordable business insurance tailored to the individual needs of your particular business. 

Types of 1st for Women Business Insurance Cover: 

1st for Business Women

Hairdressing or Beauty Salon


Coffee Shop

Book Shop

Retail Outlet

Garden Service


1st for Professional Women

Law Firm

Auditing Firm

Brokerage Firm

Consultancy Firm

Accountancy Firm


1st for Women in Practice





Veterinary Surgeon



1st for Executive Women

Travel Agency

Estate Agency

General Office

Training Centre

Internet Café 

Speak to one of our professional consultants regarding your Business Insurance today. We’ll provide friendly service and exceptional advice all the way!