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1Life Cover for you and your loved ones

At 1Life we care about People’s Lives

Since 2006, South Africans have trusted 1Life Insurance for all their life insurance needs. Our clients deal directly with us via the internet or our state of the art call centre. 

1Life provides smart financial solutions that changes lives and not just remedy situations. You pay lower premiums at 1Life Insurance, because we cut out the middleman and provide ample cover, outstanding service and affordable life insurance products. 

We have provided our clients with the following additional financial products since 2012:

1Life Funeral Cover

Your 1Life Funeral cover provides you with affordable and adequate funeral cover up to R45 000. No medical examination is required. Your spouse, children, parents and extended family members can be added to your policy.

1Life Disability Cover

You are provided with financial compensation in the event that you are found medically unfit for work regarding your own or an alternative suited occupation.

You can choose between Occupation-based or Event-based Disability Cover.

1Life Pure Life Cover

In the event of your death, your nominated beneficiaries will receive the value of your 1Life life insurance policy. You have the option to choose between 1Life Elevated Cover or 1Life Basic Cover.

1Life Invest

1Live Invest helps you to invest your money wisely regarding future education, wealth creation, retirement and any personal financial goals you may have.

1Life Personal Loans

Apply for a 1Life Personal of up to R150 000 today and the money will be deposited directly into your bank account.

1Life Dread Disease Cover

Your 1Life Dread Disease Policy covers you financially against illnesses like cancer and organ failure.

1Life Insurance aims to provide you with simple, affordable and excellent products that will change your life for the better. 

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