10 Valentines Day Fun Facts

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10 Valentines Day Fun Facts and Trivia

Valentines Day is about love, lovers showing each other that they care and the air is filled with romance and love. So, whether you are single or in a relationship, you can get a few laughs and trivial Valentines Day facts right here.

Valentines Day fun facts for those in love

1 Women purchase 85% of all Valentines Day cards. Guys, what’s up with you?

2 Globally, more than 50 million roses are sold on Valentines day.

3 The oldest love poem dates back to 3500 B.C. and is written on a Sumerian clay tablet.

4 On Valentines Day, 73% flowers are sold to men and only 27% to women.

5 Men also buy more boxed chocolates on and before Valentines Day than women.

6 More than 1 billion Valentines cards are sold annually in the United States.

7 An old Valentine tradition involved a game for young men and women who had to draw names from a bowl in order to see      who their Valentine would be.

8 The first Valentines Day candy box was invented by Richard Cadbury during the late 1800s.

9 The date of February 14 was chosen for Valentines Day a very, very long time ago in old England, because they believed  that birds started choosing their partners on that day.

10 The first mass produced and printed Valentines cards were sent as early as the 1900s. Before that, all Valentines cards resembled handwritten notes on special scented paper.

Enjoy your Valentines Day and may you find true love!